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DON ONE – GS100 4in1 Gaming Set




DON ONE – GS100 4in1 Gaming Set

​RGB LED lights DON ONE  4-in-one gaming set.

All you need to get started for gaming.

To accompany all your other  RGB LED lights gaming accessories.

Brighten up your gaming experience with RGB LED lights on your gaming  headset, gaming mouse and gaming keyboard

GAMING HEADSET                  RGB LED Light Gaming Headset with Microphone

Lights:                RGB LED lights

Connection:       USB (for LED lights), 3.5 mm (audio) and 3.5 mm (microphone)

Cable length:     2.0 m

GAMING KEYBOARD              LED color backlight Gaming Keyboard

Layout:              Nordic  letters

Lights:               LED color backlight

Connection:      USB

Cable length:    1.5 m

GAMING MOUSE                      RGB LED Light Gaming Mouse

Lights:              RGB LED light

DPI:                  1200-2400-4800-7200

Connection:     USB

Cable length:   1.7 m

GAMING MOUSEPAD               Material:           Fine mesh cloth

Size:                 320 x 270 x 3 mm