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DON ONE – GH300 MK2 Gaming Headset




Hear the difference


There is thunder when you first put the Don One GH300 on your ears. The explosions can be felt in your stomach, and you feel like ducking down when you hear bullet flying over your head from machine gun fire. The feeling of being in the middle of a battle zone is immersive, and you can thank the headset for that! With a heavy, crystal clear sound and a crisp microphone, you’re good-to-go when you and your desktop warriors take off to the virtual battlefield.

GH300 MK2 from DON ONE is a shining example of what separates the wheat from the chaff in gaming world. Perhaps you’re comfortable with your worn iPhone headphones, but if you’re a dedicated gamer, you should acquire a proper piece of gear that give an extra boost in the game. With proper sound, it becomes easier to detect enemies who are lurking nearby or reloading their weapons.

GH300 MK2 is a lightweight, stylish and functional headset with its oval ear cups, and solid headband creating the best foundation for a comfortable gaming session. The ear pads are thick and soft and the headband has a soft padded support that ensures you do not get hurt – either in the head or on your score streak.

Works with
PC – MAC – PS4

Additional information





Cable Length

1,8 m