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Belmonte Black/Green




Upgrade your throne

Gamers are known to be extremely dedicated to their gear. Consoles, graphics cards and keyboards that shed laser light throughout the room. Let’s be honest, it can take over, but in spite of the constant search for the best gear, there are a simple but important thing they often forget: where the butt should be placed.

Are you a self-proclaimed, half-professional gamer? Then you’ll be good at sitting down. DON ONE is gaming chairs that are good to sit on. DON ONE is one of the best in the market, and it emphasizes by calling up their chairs after notorious Mafioso and fearless bullfighters.

It makes no difference whether you need to use your DON ONE gaming chair for a 24 hour lan-sit-down or just want to kill a couple of hours with your Nintendo Switch. You will sit soft and comfortable with good back support. Your buttocks will thank you today and your back will thank you in 30 years.

A YouTube star, Twitch streamers and eSport athletes largely rock out racing-inspired gaming chairs, and while there’s a huge selection of this version on the market, few win over DON ONE. You get the ultimate gaming chair in a cool, streamlined and crisp design with extreme comfort.

Additional information


Black, Green

Adjustable armrest


Backrest Pouch


Headrest Pouch


Frame material


Backrest height

74,5 cm

Backrest width

54 cm

Seat depth

49,5 cm

Seat width

53 cm

Weight (Net)

16 kg

Weight (Gross)

18 kg

Package size

78 x 32 x 65 cm