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Mousepads that raise your gaming level


You can only get so far with experience, talent, training and sharp reaction times. When you’ve been gaming a lot, you know that the gear must not fail you on your virtual battlefield. Maybe you already have a mouse, a headset, and a monster graphics card on your computer setup, but you’re missing a mousepad that allows your wrist and trigger finger glide smoothly on your desk while you punch your opponents back to the Stone Age.

DON ONE has produced a series of killer mousepads, that are made of highest quality waterproof materials, that also breathe well, and you can get them in three different sizes, Medium, Large and XL. That is quality you can literally feel on your hands. Under the pads you can find anti-slip rubber bottom that keeps the pad secure on all surfaces, so that you do not need to worry about the pad folding over or slipping away in the middle of a match in your favorite game. You choose what size fits your needs. Looks at the settings of your mouse if necessary, and measure how much you move your mouse in each game. You might need the XL mousepad so that you won’t find your mouse lying on the floor all of a sudden.

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455 x 400 x 3 mm



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